Father and Son Skinny-dipping Brings New Closeness

Michigan Man writes…
Since being a part of this group I have been trying on daily basis to help my family along. Not just to see the benefits of naturism but, I think in the process, I have become a better husband and father.

It was almost a month ago that we took a weekend boat excursion where I totally came out of the closet of naturism and skinny-dipped with the whole family while they remained clothed. I mentioned in the report from that trip that I could feel that my 17-year-old really wanted to try it, but didn’t dare in front of his mother.

Since that trip I have been waiting for the perfect moment to take him out on the boat, just he and I, and see if he is in to it. (The reason it has taken so long is that, every time I mention I am taking the boat out, I end up with a boat full of nieces and nephews.) So, this day I told my son, “Let’s go get some lunch and go eat it on the boat.” He agreed and we took off.

Until we got in the water and ate, the discussion was just the normal stuff. You know, father and son small talk. Once we finished, I said, “Now is your chance to go skinny-dipping – your mom is not here.” With that I dropped my shorts and dove in. He followed in a minute, but with his suit. He said a wave rocked the boat and he fell in. It was wavy so I wasn’t going to doubt him. I said, “You really should try it, but I am not going to pressure you.”

We got out of the water and I sat up in the bow to dry off and he got in the driver’s seat. I asked him if there was anything, ANYTHING, that he had ever wondered about. He said, “No, what do you mean?” So I brought up a few topics and we had a great afternoon discussing some off-the-wall topics. Here we were, father and son – dad nude – and we covered every topic from movies to masturbation, to wondering what my father’s penis looks like now. He could feel that I was totally open and willing to share…

I said, “Let’s go for another swim.” I jumped in. This time when he followed he was sans the suit. He said, “This is great.” I responded with, “The only problem with it, is that you will never want to wear a suit again.” He smiled. We got back in to air dry, and the conversations continued, oddly enough seemingly more open than before (perhaps, because we were both naked.) I told him that I was so proud of him as a son, and that he was doing things so well in spite of his screwball father. He said, he didn’t think I was that weird, but then he said, maybe I am just used to you.

Since that day a week or so ago, he has a different look in his eye when he is around me. Whether it is because of his first naturist experience or because he and I now have a very personal and common experience. Maybe it is both. But I see him being much more responsive to me now. I am looking forward to doing this again.

I told him, as we were speeding back to the dock, still nude, that it is my dream that we could spend afternoons like this as a family. He agreed that it would be nice if mom would loosen up a little. Who knows? Maybe he too will feel the frustration and mention it to her. He has not, for the time being. I have not mentioned the skinny-dipping part of our afternoon to her either. I am waiting, maybe, until after the next time we go out.

My wife still has her doubts so, if she can feel like he has had a few experiences and not gone off the deep end, then maybe, just maybe, she will see that it is not bad at all.


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